Westerbeke Sound Guard SST

Westerbeke Sound Guard SST marine generator enclosures enhance your off-shore boating experience by reducing generator noise to a whisper! Sturdy, contemporary looking, and built for tough duty, Sound Guard SST soundproofing enclosures are designed to make you forget you have a marine generator!

Available for already-quiet Westerbeke D-NET™ diesel generators from 5.0 to 29.0 kW and 5.0 to 15.0 kW analog diesel gensets, Sound Guard SST soundproofing enclosures let you enjoy the tranquility of your favorite cove while enjoying whisper-quiet power. Made of the strongest marine-proven materials, easy-to-install Sound Guard SST enclosures are rugged.

The unit base, frame, and assembly fasteners are all constructed of highly corrosion-resistant stainless steel for protection in moisture-prone areas. Sound-reducing enclosure panels are formed from sturdy aluminum to reduce weight. Panels are powder-coated for corrosion resistance and designed so that the top panel covers the side panels for additional moisture protection. And while we don’t recommend kneeling or standing on the unit, these robust enclosures are rugged enough to withstand limited abuse.

Sound Guards - Current Production Models

Generator Model
60 Hz/50 Hz
Installation Drawing Instructions/Parts List
5.5/5.0 EGCD
7.6/5.7 EGTD
5.5/5.0 BCD
6.5/5.0 BTD
5.0-7.6 SST Install 5.0-7.6 SST Instructions
5.5/5.0 EDC
6.5/5.0 EDT
5.0-7.6 SST Install 5.0-7.6 SST Instructions
8.0/6.0 EGTD
8.0/6.0 BTDA
10.0/7.5 EGTD
10.0/7.5 BTDA
11.0/8.8 EGTD
11.0/8.8 BTDB
6.0-11.5 SST Install 6.0-11.5 SST Instructions
8.0/6.0 EDT
10.0/7.5 EDT
11.0/8.8 EDT
6.0-11.5 SST Install 6.0-11.5 SST Instructions
12.5/9.4 EGTD
12.5/9.4 BTDB
15.0/12.0 EGTD
15.0/12.0 BTDC
9.4-15.0 SST Install 9.4-12.5 SST Instructions
12.5/9.4 EDT
15.0/12.0 EDT
9.4-15.0 SST Install 9.4-15.0 SST Instructions
17.0/13.5 EDE (single phase only)
13.5-17.0 SST Install 13.5-17.0 SST Instructions
22.0/17.0 EDE (single phase only)
17.0-22.0 SST Install 17.0-22.0 SST Instructions
29.0/23.0 EGED
28.5/23.5 EDE/EDEA

33.0/26.0 EDE/EDEA
21.0-33.0 SST Install 21.0-33.0 SST Instructions
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