Diesel 10.0 EDT D-Net

Westerbeke diesel generators run at a smooth and quiet 1800 RPM. Operating at this low speed ensures greater reliability, less maintenance, longer engine life, and lower noise levels. All are essential in the marine environment

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Cylinders: 3
Length: 31.70 in.
Bore: 3.07 in.
Width: 19.10 in.
Stroke: 3.62 in.
Height: 24.00 in.
Displacement: 80.43 cu. in.
Weight: 520.00 lbs.
Aspiration: Natural


Advanced Specifications

      10.0-7.5 EDT Spec 10-12.pdf

Manuals (Operators, Parts, Technical, Installation)

      8.0-11.5 EDT_PART LIST (52897_REV C).pdf

      8.0-11.5 EDT_PART LIST (52897_REV B).pdf

      8.0-11.5 EDT_PART LIST (52897_REV A).pdf

      Installation Manual – Marine Engines & Generators



      Westerbeke Superseded Parts Listing

Guides (Troubleshooting)

      BT Troubleshooting Guide 6 and 12 Stud March 2014.pdf

Diagrams (Wiring, Installation)

      8.0_15.0 EDT 24V_WLINK and NMEA2K_(53477_REV D)

      5.0-15.0 EDT WESTERLINK and NMEA 2000 (52793_REV J)

      8.0_15.0 EDT 24V_WLINK and NMEA2K (53477_REV C)

      5.0-15.0 EDT WESTERLINK and NMEA 2000 (52793_REV G)

      5.0-15.0 EDT WESTERLINK and NMEA 2000 (52793_REV H)

      ENGINEER – 10.0-12.6 EDT_53418 (REV B).pdf

Bulletins (Service, Parts)

      Service Bulletin #268: PC Interface Cable Driver and latency timer modification

      Parts Bulletin 2013-2: Piston and Rings Change

      Parts Bulletin 2011-1: AC Voltage Sense Resistor Board Change
Applies To: All D-NET Diesel Generators

      PARTS BULLETIN 2010-1.pdf
Applies To: All D-NET and EDER Diesel Generators

      Westerbeke – NMEA 2000 PGNs

      Parts Bulletin 2008-4: Paint Storage
Applies To: All Models

      Service Bulletin #242: Manufacture Date Code

      Parts Bulletin 2007-2: Fuel Filter 030200

      Service Bulletin #250: BT Generators

      Service Bulletin #125: Oil Pressure Switches


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Additional information

Weight 513 lbs


Run Type





80.43 cu. in.


520.00 lbs.


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